Conviviality as Potentiality

From Amnesia and Pandemic towards a Convivial Epistemology

Conviviality as a social practice is characterized by an intrinsic dynamic. The global capitalist world and its processes of racialization and neocolonialism systematically oppose the possibility of conviviality, placing it in constant danger of dwindling or collapsing.

The aim of our work is to explore and develop artistic practices that have the potential to intervene in these disrupting dynamics. We start from the assumption that arts-based research can function as an affirmative transformative force to deepen and strengthen convivial practices.

The question of conviviality as potentiality will be researched in connection to relevant predicaments in four territories: Australia, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa and Austria. With local and international artists and research partners, this project seeks to co-develop a new definition and practice of conviviality as positive, affirmative action of doing in the form of changing.

Conviviality as Potentiality: From Amnesia and Pandemic towards a Convivial Epistemology is an interdisciplinary, arts and theory based research project, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF, AR 679) through its Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK), and is based at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 2021 to 2025.

Latest News

  • may24: embracing the internal south
    EMBRACING THE INTERNAL SOUTH: EMPOWERMENT IN MARGINALISED COMMUNITIES, SALAM OIDA AND ZARA (ZIVILCOURAGE & ANTI-RASSISMUS-ARBEIT) WHEN: 13. 05. 2024 from 18:00 to 20:00 WHERE: Atelierhaus, Lehargasse 8, 1060 Wien, 1OG Atelier Süd (M1) Talk by Salam Oida Collective: Ines Mahmoud … Read more
    BIP program in Mainz, Germany, May 20–24, 2024 Taking part in Mainz BIP exchange from Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: Asma Aiad; Jupiter Rhea Braun; Lukas Brunner; Persy-Lowis Bulayumi; Mariya Dmitrieva; Pramila Lama;Finn Mühl; Ertugrul Özbayraktar; Valentin Pfenniger; Fedor … Read more
  • INTERSECTIONS OF CONVIVIALITY: VOICES OF COMMUNITIES FORUM 1: Marginalized Voices at the Forefront! Speaking up, Speaking out!
    WHEN: June 14, 2024, 10 AM – 9 PM WHERE: Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna, Freudplatz 3, 1020 Vienna, Research Centre IFIME The forum “Intersections of Conviviality: Voices from Communities” examines conviviality as a potential within diverse communities within the … Read more
  • ZOOM-TALK: Aktivismus und Communities, mit Henrie Dennis / Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA)
    Aktivismus und Communities Dienstag, 13.2.2024 um 18:00 Uhr Ein Gespräch mit Henrie Dennis von Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA) über institutionellen Rassismus, Aktivismus und Communities. Online via Zoom: ID: 630 3778 3912 Nach der Veröffentlichung des Buches “Civil Society Reimagined. … Read more
  • jan24: LECTURES on Borders and Migration, by Claudia Tazreiter and Joshua Simon
    WHEN: January 18, 2024 WHERE: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Art and Intervention | Concept Lectures by Claudia Tazreiter, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden and Joshua Simon. Part of the lecture series Conviviality & Criticality through Contemporary Art and Fashion. Learning from … Read more