scripts and workshops

performative labs & convivial study workshops

The last decade has witnessed a metamorphosis in terms of the co-development of a new definition and practice of conviviality as a positive, affirmative act of doing in the form of change. However, the pandemic in the form of social distancing, contagion and isolation presents a new obstacle to conviviality. We engage in a practice of living together through shared learning in the format of convivial working groups and workshops.

As part of our project, several performative labs and convivial study workshops will be organized.

convivial script

In preparation for each of the actual labs/workshops, and in collaboration with lab/workshop partners/collaborators and participants, we will develop the Convivial Scripts that will ultimately discuss at various levels what convivial epistemology is and how it can be performed and activated. The scripts will function as a performative story of learning and living and will be played during the workshops.


Each lab/workshop will cover at least three objectives of the “conviviality as potentiality” project:

1 the pandemic, in the form of social distancing, contagion, and isolation, presents a new obstacle to conviviality;

2 the reconfiguration of social order by the pandemic affects both the construction of history and memory and future conviviality;

3 to establish convivial practices, we need to establish common epistemological foundations, which we call a convivial epistemology.

convival epistemology

For establishing new practices of convivial learning and living – convivial epistemologies – we will use grass-root (bottom-up, easy-access, low threshold) modes of documenting and sharing experiences and knowledge to collect, represent and disseminate curiosity driven collective research. The aimof the workshops is to develop Convivial Scripts, i.e. digitally produced performative stories of collective learning and living that are played in a small structure, discussing what convivial epistemology is and how it can be performed and activated.

general structure of performative labs/convivial study workshops

WHERE: Vienna (AT), Linz (AT), Sydney (AUS), Cape Town (SA), Beirut (LE)

DURATION: 2 days per workshop

WITH: students, artistic grass-root collectives, art students, migrant organizations and LGBT*QIA+ communities

BACKBONE WORKSHOP: research project team, Studio for Post-conceptual Art /IBK, and maiz – Autonomous Centre of and for Migrant Women in Linz

DISEMINATION: All scripts will be published online for other groups practicing convivial epistemologies. Each workshop will result in the production of a podcast episode and vlog entry (produced by the CaP team), diary entries and image streams (produced by all participants). The results will be published on a project-owned digital networking platform of experience and imagination, which will serve as a focal point for communication, dissemination and detailed documentation of the workshops and the project as a whole. The platform will follow an artistic and participatory grassroots logic that offers multiple points of access: linguistic, visual, auditory, textual.