apr24: travesti wanderings and other migrations

community event with two remarkable positions: Frau Diamanda & Pêdra Costa

WHEN: 30. 04. 2024 at 18.00

WHERE: WOHLMUT, Wohlmutstraße 4, 1020 Wien

Frau Diamanda (Perú, 1971), translator, writer, travesti audiovisual artist, drag performer, independent curator, cultural infector, DJ, and occasional actress based in Barcelona.

Pêdra Costa (Brazil, 1978), groundbreaking Brazilian performance and transdisciplinary artist, visual & urban anthropologist, performer, and tarot reader based in Berlin.

Travesti Wanderings and Other Migrations is a creative exploration and artistic journey that delves into the complexities of travesti, sexual dissidence, history, knowledge, work, migration, and coloniality. 

A live talk between Frau Diamanda and Pêdra Costa serves as a performative event, that is bringing forth a radical reimagining of sexual history, pleasure, power, and the processes of racialization within Europe. Shedding light on what constitutes sexual dissidence and the significance of the travesti identity, as well as anti-canonical knowledge and strategies from various countries in Latin America, is central to this event.  Latin America’s differing societal and political landscapes highlight the importance of understanding and addressing travesti experiences. This event also touches upon the history of colonialism by white imperial Europe and its contemporary manifestations.

At 20.00 Afro Rainbow Austria stopNchop (pay as you wish, pay as you can)

At 20.00 DJs Henrie Dennis aka DJ bawó, Frau Travesti Residente, Pêdra Costa into MayDay

The bar for drinks will be open. 

Concept and organization: Oke Fijal, Marina Gržinić, Sen Reyes, Melina Vesely

Supported by MA7, WOHLMUT, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/ Art and Intervention /Concept, Conviviality as Potentiality: From Amnesia to Pandemic towards Convivial Epistemologies (FWF AR 679, 2021–2025).