With the project “Conviviality as Potentiality” we propose a concentrated focus on the potentiality of conviviality, for which we will expand our research scope to the outside of Europe, as well as actualizing the analysis of impediments to conviviality today. We aim to engage in co-creating processes with artists and researchers to establish and develop what we have named and defined as convivial epistemologies.

We will research the question of conviviality in three sites outside of Europe and in one European site. The question of conviviality as potentiality will be connected to relevant predicaments in the respective territories:


violent recurrence of coloniality: refugee and native community activism against nationalist isolationism and white regimes of power (Sydney)


fragmented societies in the shadow of war: the enhancing of community through images and taxonomies of the material in a public image archival space (Beirut)


knowledge production in the civil society


post-apartheid regime: decolonial practices from LGBT*QIA+ communities for new society formations (Cape Town)


anti-migration and anti-refugee regime: conceptualizing convivial epistemologies in exchange with artistic grass-root collectives and art students, migrant organizations and LGBT*QIA+ communities (Vienna and Linz).