Lecture and screening: Conviviality as Potentiality – Decolonial Epistemologies and Trans*Flows 16/09/2022

On September 16, 2022, Marina Gržinić, Tjaša Kancler, Jovita Pristovšek and Sophie Uitz (FWF PEEK AR 679) were invited to a lecture at the Symposium “Architecture and Spaces of Migration,” held at the Academy of Fine Arts in the context of the DFG network Entangled Histories of Art and Global Migration in cooperation with IG-Architecture (September 16/17th, 2022). The lecture included a screening of the forthcoming film:

Insurgent Flows. Trans*Decolonial and Black Marxist Future, an experimental-documentary video film, 90min., authors: Marina Gržinić and Tjaša Kancler. Year: 2022.

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