Exhibition and events #0

Asma Aiad and Ines Mahmoud: 
Asma Aiad and Ines Mahmoud, I, the Intellectual Cleaning Lady*. A message to the nation. © authors

General Assembly of the citizen science and arts-based research project “Memories and Imaginaries” (FWF TCS 119):
Graphic recordings (by Felix Deiters) as documentation of the third Memory-Lab (May 30, 2022) with students of a high-school class from the BRG6 Marchettigasse, 1060 Vienna © S. Uitz / FWF TCS 119.

Mirjana Mustra:
MAMA I UJNA @b_euphoria, 2006

Izzadora Sá and Talu Reis:
Talu Reis and Izzadora Sá (Brazil), artists in residence at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna /IBK/ Studio for Post-conceptual Art Practices. Photo by Jovita Pristovšek, 18.05.2022, AkBild


Exhibition and events #1

Afro Rainbow Austria [ARA]:
Content Creators and Performers: Ishola Sofia Juliet, Bamingo Donatus, Oluchukwu Akusinanwa (LoveMore), Jacinta Muchemi, Philip Masembe, Sisanmi Eureka Schuller, Denry Mandy, Ehigiamusoe Blessing, Igwe Kenneth, Ekwulugo Celestine, Henrie Dennis. Concept and Directed by: Henrie Dennis. Photography: Marisel Orellana Bongola. Production: Afro Rainbow Austria © authors

Laura H. Andersen: 
Laura H. Andersen, Nonverbal, 2022 © author

Felix Deiters:
© Felix Deiters 2022

Zora Fuhrmann: 
SHIT HAPPENS, installation plan © Zora Fuhrmann

Tereza Klčová and Sebastian Konzett:
Tereza Klčová and Sebastian Konzett, Hijacking the future, 2022 © authors

Slug and Saliva (Kyungrim Lim Jang & Hannah Sakai):
Publication for “Crystal Clear” in Innsbruck 2021 @BRUX Freies Theater, Vorbrenner program. Photo credit: Hannah Sakai © authors

Sukhareva Tatiana: 
Speaking out, 2022. Screenshot from the video documentation of the performance © Sukhareva Tatiana


Exhibition and events #2

Oke Fijal:
bio-logic, capital-logic; copyright by Oke Fijal 

GORGON URBAN in collaboration with assembler/sound and Robo Mihaly/video:
GORGON URBAN in collaboration with assembler/sound and Robo Mihaly/video, černý moře*rudý nebe/black sea*red sky © authors

Sebastian Konzett:
Sebastian Konzett, Helping Hand, 2022 © author

Pramila Lama:
Pramila Lama, let’s Have a Deal with it, installation sketch © author

Dean Maassen:
Dean Maassen, When Perception Becomes Form, 2022. Photo and © author

Sisanmi Eureka Schuller:
Sisanmi Eureka Schuller. Photo by Joseph © authors

Fedor Shmelkin: 
Fedor Shmelkin, “Ordinary Rashism” © author


Exhibition and events #3

Pati Avish:
Pati Avish in her partner’s music studio © author

Marisel Bongola:
© Marisel Bongola

© Topoke

Ali Kianmehr:
Ali Kianmehr, Poster from Photos © author

Cathérine Lehnerer:
Public declaration of goals and intentions. A project to “un-learn” by the class 4b (Lupo class) of the GTVS 3 (primary school and speech therapy school in Vienna) © Lupo class

Valentin Pfenniger:
Valentin Pfenniger, liminal botany, 2022, sketch for mixed media installation © author

Amelie Schlaeffer:
Amelie Schlaeffer, Was Liegt, Das Pickt (What Lays, That Sticks), installation using Found Objects, Epoxy Resin and Video © author

Katja Wettstein:
© Katja Wettstein

Kyra Sophie Wilhelmseder:
Kyra Sophie Wilhelmseder, HAMDI, 2022, video © author

WTF is a non-binary University:
Yours sincerely,
A… non-binary University
© Carli Fridolin Biller, Jupiter Rhea Braun, Felix Deiters, Oke Fijal, Mathea Hoffmann, Finn Mühl, Tubi Malcharzik